For nearly fifty years, N•B•F Architects has practiced Architecture in central and southern Vermont. The philosophy of the firm has been to embrace each new project as an opportunity to have an open mind, listen carefully to the requirements, desires, and aspirations of the client, and to tailor a design to their specific needs.

We strive to satisfy each client and to bring a strong architectural design sensibility to each project. Every project is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our clients, whether it’s a house for their family, a new building for their business, a school, library, or a town garage. The opportunity to use our passions to allow others to pursue theirs has allowed us to maintain our enthusiasm for architectural design.

We see ourselves as General Practitioners of Architecture, not specialists in one particular aspect of the field. This philosophy has allowed us to maintain a local practice, become involved in our community, and learn from a wide array of projects and clients.