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Click to enlarge The Wagner Cottage was a new construction project that replaced the family's existing camp with a larger, energy efficient building. Two screened porches and an open deck focus on the nearby lake. A tower provides an overlook of the property and provides better views of the surrounding mountains and lake.
Click to enlarge The new cottage is more functional for the family but retained some of the original characteristics that the family enjoyed. The gable end that is visible while approaching the building may not have an effect on an unknowing visitor but reminisces the original camp. This simple connection evokes the family's fond memories of their time spent at the previous building. Construction is timber frame with composite, insulated panel roof and wall skins. Interior finishes include clear, fir strip flooring as well as soapstone flooring. Stone from the old fireplace was reused in a form reminiscent of the original fireplace.
Click to enlarge The original camp was a sentimental favorite with the family. However, it was beyond repair and no longer suited the needs of the family.
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